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 Boys Basketball 2001-2002
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FHC vs. Catholic Central (8)
A little action for the basketball team against Catholic Central in our own house.
FHC vs. East Grand Rapids (18)
Rangers take on East Grand Rapids in our home court.
FHC vs. FHN @ DeltaPlex (16)
Basketball team took a trip to the DeltaPlex to defeat FHN with a final score of 60 to 27 RANGERS.
FHC vs. Holland (15)
An away game against Holland, rangers take the win 75 to 61.
FHC vs. Ionia (14)
Playing in Greenville, the rangers beat the Ionia Bulldogs 67 to 42.
FHC vs. Lowell (7)
Lowell Red Arrows come to our house but to lose to the mighty rangers.
FHC vs. Northview (6)
FHC Takes on northview at this home game.
FHC vs. Rockford (19)
Rangerball grows as FHC fans take a trip to Greenville and dominate their gymnasium.
FHC vs. TC Central @ Traverse City West High School (12)
FHC takes regionals @ Traverse City West High School with a win over the Traverse City Titans.
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