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· Boys Basketball 2001-2002
A collection of pictures taken by Danny Stern from the FHCBball website for the 2001-2002 season. For all you lads.
· Boys Basketball 2002-2003
Follow Rangerball through another amazing year with Rangerpride will be taking pictures at each home event to post on the website for those of you who missed the game!
· Daily Photos's efforts to try and capture a glimpse of what FHC is like on a daily basis. Updated daily.
· Forest Edge Senior Edition Photos 2001-2002
You saw the pictures in the paper, now you can get them online!
· Forest Hills Central High School
A section dedicated to pictures of the high school or relating to the high school in some way. Pictures include recent construction pictures, sport field pictures, etc!
· Local Bands
A collection of photos of FHC's very own local bands. Concert pictures, band pictures, etc including Willicus, Ultra Ego, and more!
· Prom 2002 - Night at the Oscars
All of the 448 pictures taken on Prom night, April 27, 2002.
· Prom 2003 - Before Midnight Falls
All of the 679 pictures taken on Prom night, May 17, 2003 at the Van Andel Museum in Downtown Grand Rapids.
· Uncategorized Photos
A bunch of random photos that we dug up from our archives recently! Ranging from pictures of the Varsity Poms, to Senior Dinner Dance photos!

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